Warm, gentle affection makes your newborn feel safe and builds your bond. You can also build your bond through your interactions with your newborn:

✨Regularly touch and cuddle your newborn. From birth, your newborn can feel even the gentlest touch. Try stroking your newborn gently when you change a nappy or at bath time.
✨Respond to crying. You might not always be able to tell why your newborn is crying. But by responding, you let your newborn know that you’re always there.
✨Hold your baby. Try rocking or holding your newborn against you, skin on skin. Or carry your baby in a carrier or sling.
✨Make your newborn feel physically safe. Provide good head and neck support when you’re holding your baby. Or try wrapping your baby, which recreates the secure feeling of being in the womb.
✨Talk to your newborn as often as you can in soothing, reassuring tones. You could talk about what you’re doing, or tell stories. This helps your newborn learn to recognise the sound of your voice. It will also help your newborn learn language later.
✨Sing songs. Your newborn will probably like the up and down sounds of songs and music, as well as rhythm. Soothing music might help both of you feel calmer too. Your newborn won’t mind if you’ve forgotten the words or the tune.
✨Look into your newborn’s eyes while you talk, sing and make facial expressions. This helps your newborn learn the connection between words and feelings.
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Paula Marino is an active Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida State University. She has more than 10 years of experience working with babies in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and supporting parents with the care of their newborns at home. Since newborn babies wake up to eat every 2-3 hours, exhaustion takes a toll on new parents. Paula founded Babies RN to provide SLEEP to parents by having the best professionals take care of their babies overnight. She is proud to have the most qualified and trustworthy team of Night Nurses with NICU and Pediatric backgrounds to give parents peace of mind so they can rest and get a good nights’ sleep. Babies RN Paula Marino, RN Tel (305) 608 – 9266