Welcome ladies and moms!  Fertility Heaven has started a new group to create hopefully an amazing group of women who can count on eachother for support and information about egg donation and surrogacy.  Our group is called “Surrogates & Egg Donors U.S.A. Connect” on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1031673300936921.

Whether you just want to learn about surrogacy or egg donation or want to be one, this group is an private forum for women interested in starting their legacy by helping an infertile person or dad have a family. We just wanted to create a group to get us together and form new relationships that otherwise might not have happened. We love to have you join our group. Maybe you like to share your story with us because you have already journeyed as an egg donor or surrogate.We have created a great group of women and new friends together!  Join us!

This is a group is for like-minded women around the world!  Join us today. Fertility Heaven is a great believer in educating women about egg donation and surrogacy.  We encourage you to follow us on Instagram to view our live chats and click on our past chats available for viewing at https://www.instagram.com/fertilityheaven/.  We cover many subjects and is an opportunity for you to learn more about us and our agency.