Meet The Team That Delivers Dreams

Miriam Torres

Miriam is the owner and founder of Fertility Heaven, headquartered in Miami, FL. She has an in-depth background in egg donation and surrogacy. She is passionate about helping intended parents grow their family. She has worked with families all over the United States as well as global.


Sarah Goldstein

Sarah has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and has been an egg donor herself. She enjoys talking about her experience with egg donors about the egg donation process and matching them with a recipient. Sarah loves helping people and making their dreams come true. Before Fertility Heaven, she worked for various fertility clinics.


Kedar Sukthankar

Kedar manages the administrative, finance, billing, marketing and management of Fertility Heaven. He has owned businesses of his own and makes sure that Fertility Heaven functions smoothly for our intended parents, egg donors, surrogates and fertility partners.


Appointments and Administrative Support

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with us at our office contact us at 888-350-1759.  We maintain a welcoming office environment to meet with clients in person. We also do a lot of meetings via Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangout since our business is primarily conducted by phone, text and email.  Parents, egg donors and surrogates local to us in Miami will meet with us at our offices.  Parent and surrogate meetings will also take place at our comfortable home style offices.

Street parking is available at no cost.