Become a Surrogate

At Fertility Heaven we are honored to be working with surrogate mothers just like you from all walks of life and not just in Miami but from all over the United States.  You will be playing an important role in a parent’s life of making their dream a reality of having a baby.  Fertility Heaven will work side by side with you through the application and interview process.  We work with reputable IVF clinics and will make sure you receive the best medical care.

It is important to know that once an intended parent has considered surrogacy they have exhausted all their previous options and have spent a lot of money in the process. You will have the opportunity to talk with or meet the Intended Parents that are in need of a Surrogate, and you will be assigned the same caring coordinator to work with you from Fertility Heaven throughout the pregnancy.  We will match you with a hopeful couple or intended parent that you will have the opportunity to help.

What is a Gestational Surrogate?

Gestational Surrogacy

A gestational surrogate is a woman who carries the fertilized egg to term in her uterus on behalf of the intended mother.  The egg is from the mother or an egg donor and the sperm of the father or a donor.

The best surrogates are responsible women under 40 with proven fertility and at least one healthy child. Potential surrogates will undergo medical and psychological testing and are advised to seek legal advice before the process. Once a surrogate is selected, she will be given most or all of the fertility hormones administered during the IVF process. This allows the physicians to make sure that there are no problems with the uterine lining. After the cycle is complete there will be a “mock transfer” where the cervix angle and uterine cavity length are measured in preparation for the actual transfer.

The surrogate and female partner or egg donor are then given birth control pills to synchronize their menstrual cycles. Hormones, estrogen and other medications are then given to stimulate fertility in the donor and prepare the uterine lining in the surrogate. The eggs are retrieved, fertilized with the male partner or donor’s sperm and then one or more are transferred to the surrogate, who carries the fetus to term if implantation is successful and pregnancy results. Any unused embryos may be frozen.