Surrogate Compensation

Surrogate Twin GirlsThis is one year of your life and intended parents understand your time is priceless and for your efforts, we offer competitive surrogate mother compensation. When you become a surrogate mother, your reimbursed compensation will include lost wages (if applicable), any medical co-pays, maternity clothing, travel (if applicable) and medications. All costs associated with your legal representation are paid for as well.

Surrogate Fees

Baseline surrogate mother compensation – distributed in monthly payments of $3,000 through delivery Range from $25,000 to $55,000
Experienced surrogate – each additional pregnancy $5,000
Embryo transfer and bed rest $1,500
Monthly allowance for expenses once matched $2,400
Maternity clothing allowance $750
Travel expenses for transfer $1,500 (approximately)
Life insurance TBD
Disability TBD
Lost wages, housekeeping, childcare – due to physician ordered bed rest TBD
Partner’s Lost Wages – $120 per day (if applicable) TBD
Breast milk – $250 per week (if applicable) TBD


Variable Costs

Multiple birth compensation – beginning at week 18 $5,000 per baby
Dropped or Mock Cycle $500
Physician recommended cesarean section $2,500
Invasive procedure compensation – per occurrence Including but not limited to, amniocentesis, CVS, D&C, cerclage $500
Fetal reduction $750
Labor induction due to no heartbeat or abnormalities $2,000
Loss of uterus $2,500
Hysterectomy $5,000
Loss of one or more fallopian tubes $1,000
Ectopic pregnancy surgery $1,000