Egg Donation

Are you ready to be an egg donor? Help a family’s dream come true.  Thank you for your interest in becoming an egg donor and wanting to help a family have a baby of their own.

We welcome egg donors of all ethnic backgrounds and religions.

Your desire to be an egg donor is wonderful and life-changing. Without egg donors there would be little chance for a parent to have both a gestational and a genetic bond with their children. We at Fertility Heaven understand what a generous and meaningful gift you give when you become an egg donor, and we are committed to making the experience as positive and rewarding as possible.

“Fertility Heaven is committed to making the experience of becoming an egg donor positive and memorable.”  We welcome egg donors nationwide.

Thank you for your interest in our Egg donor Miami Program. Intended parents who receive help through an egg donor are truly grateful. An egg donor can make a family’s dream a reality in a matter of two months. Donation is one of the most powerful and rewarding decisions a woman can make. Providing someone with the chance to become a parent is an amazing and rewarding feeling.

Your decision to become an egg donor is a generous contribution and you will be compensated by the recipient, for your time and commitment. You will not be responsible for medical costs related to the screening process or egg donation cycle. If you are out of state, your expenses are covered in advance.

Egg Donor compensation is from $8,000 to $10,000 for completing a donor cycle.  Talls donors, high demand donors and high IQ donors compensation is from $10,000 to $20,000.

Our best egg donors come to us from our current egg donors. Refer a friend and receive $250.00 upon completion of her egg donation cycle.

“Fertility Heaven offers an intimate and warm approach for egg donors. I like going thru the process of a life cycle with a parent, knowing that they are anxiously waiting for my egg retrieval to have embryos transferred with an egg donor they selected and not from an egg bank. It is a much more rewarding experience.”

Fertility Heaven Egg Donor Application Process

We will be honored to work with you and offer the best support during your egg donor cycle. If you are healthy, bright, responsible and committed to change someone’s life we look forward to having you join our program of egg donors.

The application takes about 30 minutes to complete. Your anonymous profile includes personal characteristics, a health questionnaire and fun things to know about you. Your name and contact details are hidden from the intended parents. You will also have the option to upload a video.

Your photos should be of different stages in your life. Profiles that are thoroughly answered and have great photos tend to have more inquires. Your profile photo should show your face clearly. If you decide to become an anonymous egg donor, Fertility Heaven is here to provide everything you need to get the most out of this incredible experience.

Intended parents are looking for egg donors with physical attributes similar to their own. Therefore, your selection of pictures should be carefully chosen to best reflect what you look like and how you would like to be perceived. It is helpful to include family photos, photos of you when younger such baby and childhood photos, as well as recent photos. Photos that best describe your personality and/or interests are best. If there are people in the photo with you, please specify who the other people are.

Your profile photo is important. Parents wanted to see your beautiful face. Therefore keep hats and sunglasses off. While taking a selfie is easy and fun they usually are not the best profile photos. The right settings, lighting and angles are important factors to consider when submitting photos.