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Our Step By Step Process

Become An Egg Donor

We welcome Florida based egg donors and out of state. You don’t have to be near us to be part of our Miami egg donation program. Complete an egg donor application in 20 minutes to start your journey! Once you review the requirements, you will know if you meet the minimum qualifications. When you submit a completed application we will contact you the next business day.
There may be many reasons you are interested in being an egg donor. It could be a way of earning money for an education, car, vacation or to be bills. We know you will get way more in return. What we require from you is commitment and responsibility.

We will guide you step by step through the process and make sure you feel comfortable and secure along the way. We know this is a big decision and that is the reason we are committed to selecting the best egg donors and surrogates to be part of our network.

What Is The Process?

Just Follow These Simple Steps, and Begin Your Path To Become an Miami Egg Donor.

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Sign Up To Become A Donor

Fertility Heaven makes everything simple for you. Once you complete a profile, qualified egg donors will be contacted for a consultation and scheduled for an AMH and Cycle Three to measure her fertility levels. Once we have these results, you will be ready for matching. 

When a family is interested in matching with you, Fertility Heaven Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency will contact you to verify your availability. You may choose to accept or decline this egg donation cycle. Only accept a match if you are able to commit to the entire process.

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Working With US

Once You Are Chosen

You will be required to undergo a psychological consult with a psychologist who specializes in egg donation. You will be given an MMPI which is the most frequently used clinical personality test. It provides an objective measure of a person’s personality. It also provides information about any potential psychological problems or symptoms that may deem a potential donor inappropriate to proceed with the egg donation process.

Now you’re ready to visit the cycling fertility clinic. You will undergo a medical evaluation, including a blood draw, genetic screening, drug screening and infectious disease screening as well as an ultrasound of your ovaries. You’ll meet the doctor for your physical. Once again, the egg donation process as well as all medications will be explained to you by the IVF nurse at the clinic. All of your questions will be answered.

As an egg donor you will not have any out of pocket expenses.  All your expenses are covered by the intended parents.


Legal Process

Our egg donation program is anonymous. You will have a legal contract between you (the egg donor) and the intended parent(s). An attorney that is paid for by the intended parent(s) for you will go over the entire contract and the egg donation process with you. The contract covers important topics like your commitment, the egg donor compensation, insurance coverage and travel expenses if you’re traveling to the cycling fertility clinic. They will explain the contract to you and answer all of your questions. Before you sign the contract, you can request changes that your attorney can forward to the intended parent’s attorney. Once all parties are in agreement with all terms of the contract you can sign and return to your attorney.

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The Finish Line

Cycle Preparation

There are steps you should be taking to prepare for egg retrieval. The main thing you need to focus on is maintaining your health. During this time, be sure to eat healthy, get regular exercise, maintain a healthy BMI, and refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.

Once you start the cycle process and are preparing for ovarian stimulation, the main things you should be focusing on are relaxing and making sure you’re taking the medications correctly. You should also abstain from sexual intercourse, as it can lead to an unintended pregnancy while you’re in treatment. You’ll also want to make any arrangements for after the procedure, such as having a friend or family member drive you home, as you will not be allowed to drive after egg retrieval.

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