Egg Donor Frequently Asked Questions

Within 24 hours we will let you know if we can proceed with your application.  We will schedule you for a phone consultation to go over our egg donor program and answer all your questions.

Once you are accepted into our program, your profile will be made available for intended parents to view.

No! The recipient covers all related expenses throughout the donation process.  This includes gas, tolls, parking, airfare, hotel and meals.  Your fee is paid after egg retrieval. Fertility Heaven requires that your fee and all expenses be deposited into an expense account.  We require these funds before you’re allowed to begin medications.

Our donors set their compensation from $5,000.00 to $15,000 for their time and commitment to following through with their egg donor responsibilities. Egg donors are able to donate up to four times with a three month waiting period between each donation.

No, you do not have to travel.  You can live anywhere within the United States or internationally. During the screening process Fertility Heaven will ask you if you want to donate within your area or travel out of state.  If you agree to be matched out of state, at no cost to you, you will need to travel to the fertility clinic of the intended parents for genetic testing and for egg retrieval however you will be monitored locally at a fertility clinic near you.  The same applies for international egg donors. Intended parents cover the cost of airfare, hotel, car rental and meals in advance.

The intended parents will read about your characteristics, education, health and genetic information and career goals. They will also be able to view pictures of you.  They will not know your name, address, or contact information since our egg donors are anonymous to the intended parents.

Parents may also ask for additional photos or a video.

Once you are matched with intended parents, you will be assigned a case manager.  The first step is having you complete a psychological interview.  Once this step is complete, the next step is a medical and genetic screening with the fertility doctor.  Once you are cleared from your medical screening, we will assign you an attorney to complete legal contracts.  Once these steps are complete, hormone treatment and/or the egg donation cycle starts.

An average donation cycle usually lasts between two and three months. This is an approximate time frame and can vary based on different factors related to a particular cycle. Fertility Heaven will explain the time frame and process in detail upon your acceptance into our program.

No! The retrieval process will not compromise the possibility of your becoming pregnant in the future. You will be working with extremely qualified doctors who will take every step to ensure your health and safety.

Once you have been screened and approved by Fertility Heaven, your profile will be viewable on our password-protected donor database. Once a couple or person selects you the following occurs:

Step 1 Psychologist evaluation,
Step 2: Genetic testing
Step 3: Fertility evaluation
Step 4: Legal contracts
Step 5: begin taking a hormone under a doctor’s care for approximately three weeks

During this time, a doctor located near where you reside will closely monitor you. You will then be scheduled for the procedure to remove, or retrieve, the eggs from your ovaries. The outpatient retrieval is done at the fertility clinic using a light sedative. Most donors are able to return to school or work the following day.

The physician will determine what medications you will take. While Fertility Heaven does not possess medical expertise, based on experience with donors, there are three medications or hormones most donors take. The first medication, called Lupron, prevents the donor’s hormones from causing follicle (the sac surrounding the egg) production and ovulation on their own. It also allows for the next medication to be more effective in producing multiple follicles. This next medication is FSH. Pure FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) naturally occurs in a woman’s body but in a smaller quantity than the dose donors usually take. FSH is responsible for the production of follicles (the sacs surrounding the eggs). Lastly, the donor will usually be given hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) that will stimulate her body to finalize the maturation of the eggs and induce ovulation.

The fertility doctor will teach you how to administer the shot or you can have someone do it for you. These shots must be administered every day until retrieval.

The procedure is done using a light sedative, so you will not feel any discomfort during the procedure. After the retrieval, you may feel slightly groggy from the sedative. You may also feel some mild cramping, similar to menstrual cramps, but this usually goes away in a few hours.

The professionals involved in the screening process look very carefully at motivation, health and family medical history, emotional stability, and other factors. Many factors are weighed, and often, it is no one thing that disqualifies a donor candidate. However, missing scheduled appointments without informing the professionals involved is actually the leading cause of disqualifying donor candidates. Due to the time sensitive nature of the procedures, the ability to keep to a schedule is one of the most important aspects of the egg donor program. Women who have a habit of making and breaking appointments are not qualified candidates. Please consider this point before applying.

Fertility Heaven understands that there are many reputable programs from which you can choose. No other program offers as much dedication and sensitivity to their donors as does Fertility Heaven. If any questions arise, they will be addressed immediately. You will never feel pressured by or confused about any step of the process. Upon completion of the process, our donors feel proud knowing they were able to help someone achieve the dream of creating a family. At the same time, they are able to accomplish some of their own personal dreams with the compensation they have earned.

Fertility Heaven is looking for responsible, bright and healthy, non-smoking women between the ages of 20 and 29, of all ethnicities and religious backgrounds throughout the United States and internationally.

The recipient has approximately a 65 – 75% chance of becoming pregnant with the assistance of a healthy donor. The egg donor’s obligations are complete after egg retrieval.