1. Recipients agree to pay for the Donor’s compensation fee outlined in the Donor and Recipients’ Egg Donation Legal Agreement. These funds must be on deposit with Fertility Heaven one week prior to the Donor starting her Egg Donation medications, otherwise she will not be allowed to start.
  2. The Donor will receive 100% compensation for completion of the Egg Donor Cycle regardless of how many Eggs were retrieved or if the Recipient becomes pregnant. Completion of an Egg Donor Cycle is defined as undergoing follicular aspiration for egg retrieval.
  3. If Donor’s cycle is cancelled after starting her Egg Donation medications, standard practice is for the donor to receive:

a. $750 if cycle was cancelled through no fault of Donor.

b. No compensation if cycle was cancelled through fault of Donor.


Our $12,000 agency fee for surrogacy match consulting and cycle coordination is non-refundable and covers our gestational surrogacy matching and cycle time.