Egg Donation Costs

Egg Donation Cost

Fertility Heaven Professional Fee:     $5,500
Egg Donors Fees:                               $5,000-$15,000
Egg Donor Expenses:                         $1,000

(Egg donor expenses unused funds will be returned to you at end of egg retrieval with receipts)

Approximate Fees Charged by Third Parties

Legal fees for your third party reproductive legal agreement between you and your Donor. You must hire attorneys that specializes in reproductive law or we can refer an attorney.
Donor medical insurance for the egg donor is required from a fertility insurance company. You must ask your clinic if it is included, or you will be responsible for your donor’s medical costs. If your clinic does not include donor insurance, we can refer an insurance company.
If you select an egg donor that is not local, out of state or an international donor you must take into consideration travel costs. Travel expenses are incurred for Donors that do not live within a 2 hour drive of your fertility clinic. We can assist you with booking travel. Typically hotels for Donors average $125 a night, car rental is $75 a day, food per diem per day for Donor and her companion start at $75. Airfare can vary dramatically depending on if the flights have to be changed or booked last minute, because of how a donor will stimulate. Many IVF clinics want the Donor to come to the clinic twice. The first time for one day of screening and the second time for a week for the retrieval. If you want to limit expenses it will be more cost effective to select a local donor.

We require Donors to stay a full 48 hours after the retrieval so they can visit the doctor for an exam the 24-30 hours after the retrieval to check her health. The IVF doctor is better able to treat any side effects much better than an emergency room doctor in the donor’s home town, so this is the safer option for the donor.

This is the average fee that IVF clinics charge for one egg donation cycle. There are clinics that participate in shared programs or offer multiple cycles for a high fee.
Outside monitoring fees for non-local Donors paid to separate IVF clinic to perform lab work and ultrasounds of Donor during the stimulation process. Your doctor or monitoring clinic will give you a better estimate of all the medical costs involved.
Medication costs for Donor paid to a fertility pharmacy. These costs can vary dramatically depending on what stimulation protocol your doctor prescribes.