“I had a great egg donation experience with Fertility Heaven! … Egg Donor Miami.”

If you have the power to become an egg donor to make someone happy do it! The world needs more people like you!

Fertility Heaven is always looking for bright, interesting, young women to join our egg donor program. Egg donor pay is generous. You will also benefit from valuable free health screenings such as knowing your fertility levels and genetic background in addition to the medical screening at the IVF clinic valued at over $3,000.  Egg donation involves completing a profile, being matched and going through IVF treatment and egg retrieval.

Egg Donation Requirements:

  • Egg donor age is between 20-29 years old
  • Responsible and Caring
  • Minimum high school graduate, in college, university graduate or working

Health requirements

  • Have regular monthly periods
  • There is no history of multi-generational family genetic diagnoses
  • No hereditary cancer or heart disease before the age of 55 
  • Physically and emotionally healthy.
  • BMI below 28 (BMI calculator)
  • No sexually transmitted diseases
  • Tattoos must be older than six months
  • Not on antidepressants or anxiety medication

Lifestyle requirements

  • Non-nicotine user, Non-smoker, Non-drug addict

Contraception requirements

  • Currently not in Depo-Provera, Mirena or not currently using Implanon/Nexplanon arm implant

Treatment requirements

  • Willing to undergo medical IVF procedure and psychological evaluations
  • Able to take injectable IVF medicatons

Time requirements

  • Able to commit to the process for 2 months or more
  • Willing and able to respond to communications within 24 hours from Fertility Heaven and IVF Clinic

Out of State egg donors

  • Our agency accepts egg donors from all over the United States.  You have the option to donate locally or out of state.  This will require two trips to the intended parents clinic.  One trip is for the medical evaluation and the other for retrieval.  Monitoring of your treatment will be done by a fertility clinic near your home.  All expenses are covered in advance.

International egg donors

  • International Egg Donors must be able to enter the US without a visa or be from a country where the US does not require a visa to enter the United States, have a valid passport or if you live on board, be a US citizen, or green card holder.

The need for egg donors continues to grow! Do you meet the criteria for egg donation? There are many requirements for donating eggs because egg donors must have good physical health and have a healthy BMI.

Intended parents are seeking to be matched with bright and beautiful egg donors that are caring and compassionate.  In return they will compensate you for your generous gift and time.  Donating your egg for money is a great way to pay for college, take a dream vacation or to pay for important bills. How much do egg donors get paid? Whatever the reason is for selling your eggs, your financial goals will be met by helping a family have a bundle of joy.

You may ask yourself “where can I donate eggs near me?”  You do not have to be near us to be an egg donor.  We work with many intended parents and clinics throughout the country.  Egg donors can donate locally or out of state.  All expenses are covered in advance.

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