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Becoming an egg donor can be exciting and tremendously rewarding. Our team of experts are available to help you throughout your journey, but to get you started, these are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Egg Donor FAQ

For Fertility Heaven, the minimum age to donate eggs is 20 years old. Our maximum age to become an egg donor is 29 years old.

Fertility Heaven limits a woman to four egg donations. If a donor decides she would like to participate in a second or third donation, she will have already completed the screening process successfully and may be given approval to begin another donor cycle as scheduling permits. It’s usually much quicker the second time around.

The professionals involved in the screening process review the egg donors motivation, health and family medical history, emotional stability and matching factors.

This procedure does not take a lot of time.  Usually medical appointments are under an hour. However, missing scheduled appointments without informing the fertility clinic is actually the leading cause of disqualifying donor candidates. Please keep in mind that you need to attend weekly doctor appointments in the early in the morning and may need to attend twice a week as you get closer to egg retrieval.

Read more on egg donor requirements here.

Every egg donor has a different experience. It is best to relax after retrieval for a day.  The fertility clinic can discuss their experience with you regarding discomfort following egg donation.

Donor compensation through Fertility Heaven starts at $6,000 to $10,000, which can be dependent upon a number of considerations including education, repeat donations and ethnic diversity. Egg donor compensation covers the time, effort, inconvenience and high level of commitment necessary to accomplish an egg donation. Fertility Heaven and the intended parents place high a expectation on you as an egg donor to follow through with the requirements of the program and treatment.  For your services you will be compensated generously for your commitment.

Click here to learn more about egg donor compensation.

Questions? Contact Fertility Heaven.

We will cover any additional questions you may have during the screening process.

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