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Egg donation is a wonderful process and safe. You are providing a beautiful opportunity not only to help bring a new life into this world but also to help create a new family. The financial compensation is nice, too.

Yet, egg donation is not for everyone. You should first make sure you understand what is involved. To start with, the process takes weeks of commitment.

The minimum age to donate eggs is 21 years old. The maximum age to be an egg donor is 28 years.

It’s easy!  Simply apply online.  We will schedule qualified Miami egg donors for an appointment at our office.  If you are an out of state egg donor apply online and we will scheduled you for a videochat.  We welcome egg donors nationwide.

Out of state donors will be required to travel for the medical evaluation and retrieval.  Monitoring appointments will be at a clinic near your home. Your airfare, hotel, per diem and ground transportation is covered in advance.  You will not have any out of pocket expenses.

Young women decide to donate eggs for a number of reasons.  Most common reasons are to help an infertile person and for the compensation that can be earned.

If you first learn about egg donation through an ad, it is important to do research and educate yourself on the process before getting started.  Our website is designed to be educational and will answer many of your questions. However if you have a specific questions before getting started just email us and we will be happy to put you at ease.

Egg donation is a low risk procedure that involves IVF treatment and retrieval of eggs.  You will have plenty of eggs to start your own family in the future.  This process does not affect your ability to have children of your own or more children if you already are a mother.  Through this process you will learn a lot about your own fertility and genetics.

It’s important to understand the process and the financial investment parents make to have a baby via egg donation.  Equally as important, if you need to discuss it with your family and friends it’s best to do it during the application process.

When we review your profile and determine that you would be great for our program, we will schedule a consultation to explain the process and our egg donor program.

Once you are matched, the process of getting you ready for the medical evaluation, speaking to a psychologist, lawyers and fertility doctors start.  This is a very expensive process for the intended parents.  This process requires egg donors to be responsible, mature and understand the financial commitment the intended parents are making. If you have questions about clinic protocol or questions in general it’s important to ask these questions during you initial medical evaluation.

If you are accepted as an egg donor make sure you are committed.  If you change your mind its important to do it before you are matched or before the medical evaluation. You can simply call us or email us to let us know you changed your mind and that’s ok too.

One thing we know is that egg donation continues to inspire many young women who are willing to help those who are infertile. If you are one of those women, we love to have your apply.

Intended parents are are seeking bright and beautiful egg donors. An egg donor’s ethnicity or characteristics is one of the most desirable traits for intended parents in addition to her health and education. There are intended parents of every ethnicity looking for an egg donor, and many of them are looking for donors that are of the same background.

At the top of the demand list are Blonde/blue eyed donors, Hispanic donors, Caucasian donors, Middle Eastern donors, African American donors, Ivy league donors and tall donors.

Asian, Jewish, and East Indian Egg Donors are always in high demand and often receive higher compensation than other egg donors.

Yes, photos are important for matching. As an egg donor, it’s important to understand that great quality photos increases your chances of getting selected by intended parents. Profile photos are the first thing potential intended parents will see. If your profile picture catches their interest, they will click on your profile or they move on to the next profile.

Your profile holds 10 photos and a short video of under 30 seconds.  Your photos should be recent and flattering.  Photos with filters, hats, sunglasses and standing from a far distance do not make for great photos.

If you have trouble uploading photos, it may be the size.  In order to save your profile you need to upload at least 1 photo.  You can email the rest of the photos to and we will upload them to your profile.  If you like to include a very short video we can upload that for you too. If you do not hear from us please call us at 305-772-3302 to confirm we received your profile.

  • Main Profile photo should be given a lot of consideration.
  • Do not use filters or submit photos that have funny face effects.
  • Makeup done or minimal is best.
  • Great photos to submit are of you attending an event, celebrating a graduation or on vacation for example.
  • Include headshots and full body shots.  You will need one of the following:  family photo, a photo of you as an infant, toddler and little girl.  If you don’t have it submit more of the ones you do have.
  • Keep hair away from face.
  • Swimsuit photo is ok.
  • Photos showing tattoos should be kept to a minimum.
  • Do not submit photos looking sideways or from far away distances or looking down.  All photos submitted should show your face.

You can donate up to 4 times with a waiting period of 3 months in between each cycle. If a donor decides she would like to participate in a second or third donation, she will have already completed the screening process successfully and may be given approval to begin another donor cycle as scheduling permits. It’s usually much quicker the second time around.

Our egg donor program is anonymous however below are the different donations that exist. Your legal agreement will cover the terms of the donation.

Anonymous donation. This means the intended parents will not know your name or contact information.

Semi Anonymous means there are some restrictions. The Intended Parents may like to have a phone conversation or video char meeting which we would arrange if you agree. They will not have your contact information.

Open Donation means the parents want to know who you are and potentially be in contact with you in the future.

The professionals involved in the screening process review the egg donors motivation, health and family medical history, emotional stability and matching factors.

Donors must meet all the requirements listed.  The donor’s BMI is very important and as well as physical characteristics.

It’s important to disclose your health history accurately.  You should have a physical done to make sure you are in good health prior to matching.  If you are being treated by a doctor or on medication you must disclose that is prior to being matched.

The clinic will test you for all STD’s including herpes and HIV.

This procedure does not take a lot of time.  Usually medical appointments are under an hour.

Please keep in mind that you need to attend weekly doctor appointments in the early in the morning and may need to attend twice a week as you get closer to egg retrieval.

The fertility clinic appointment usually involves a physical exam, genetic testing, STD testing, drug/nicotine screening, and other blood tests. During your screening appointment, the Egg Donor Nurse Coordinator will cover the entire donation process with you and teach you how to use the medication.

For Fertility Heaven, the minimum age to donate eggs is 21 years old. Our maximum age to become an egg donor is 28 years old.


It is low risk and little to no pain.  Every egg donor has a different experience. It is best to relax after retrieval for a day.

If you experience discomfort it is important to let the fertility clinic know following egg donation.

A potential side effect to egg donation is a condition called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This condition exists when a woman’s ovaries respond excessively to the medication given to increase egg production. This condition is rare and occurs in a handful of cases. There is no need to worry.

Most women produce just one egg per monthly cycle. In the case of egg donation, it is ideal for the donor to produce more eggs for the month, to raise the probability of creating a higher number of fertilized embryos for transfer to the uterus of an intended mother or surrogate. This is often achieved through fertility drugs.

In women who are diagnosed with hyperstimulation, the body responds with increased sensitivity to these medications, causing the ovaries to swell. This can lead to accumulation of fluids that often leak into the abdomen or chest areas.

Symptoms of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome vary from woman to woman, but can include:

Excessive bloating or abdominal pain
Excessive weight gain, often exceeding a ten pound weight gain in just three to five days
Decreased urination
Shortness of breath
Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

While many of these symptoms may be present in the recovery of egg donation with no need for medical intervention, you should be seen by a doctor right away if you experience intense nausea or vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath, or a marked decrease in urine.

Symptoms usually improve on their own however,if it does not contact your clinic right away. In general, symptoms will begin to improve within a matter of days.

Workouts have to be kept at a minimum.  The fertility clinic will let you know what workouts can and cannot be done.

Choose low-impact workouts. This may include yoga and stretching routines. While these exercises are typically safe to do with IVF, the fertility doctor may also recommend you refrain from working out completely so do be sure to consult with the fertility clinic before starting a new routine.

Donor compensation through Fertility Heaven starts at $10,000 to $12,000 plus, which can be dependent upon a number of considerations including education, repeat donations and ethnic diversity.

Egg donor compensation covers the time, effort, inconvenience and high level of commitment necessary to accomplish an egg donation.

Fertility Heaven and the intended parents place high a expectation on you as an egg donor to follow through with the requirements of the program and treatment.  For your services you will be compensated generously for your commitment.

Jewish, Asian, Indian and tall blonde donors are always in high demand and can receive higher compensatin than other donors.


No you do not have out of pocket expenses. The intended parents cover the costs of your treatment. In addition, you will receive funds for gas, tolls and parking before every doctor’s appointment.

If you do need to travel for your donation, plan to take two trips to the IVF doctor you’ll be working with. The first is a one-day trip but no more than two days. This first trip will be for your medical screening.

The second trip will be for your actual egg retrieval. Any appointments between your first and second trip will be at a local monitoring facility that your primary IVF doctor will send you to. Your egg retrieval trip can be anywhere between 8 days, but can be longer.

Your airfare, hotel and meals are covered in advance so that you do not have out of pocket expenses.


Your egg donor profile will include information you provided on your online application about yourself, family health history, a photo gallery, and short video. Photos are very important for matching. Parents select donors based on many criterias including physical beauty and appearance.

The video can be about anything you like to talk about such as something about yourself, school, achievements or why you want to be an egg donor. However your identity and contact information are private.

Profiles with great photos and thoughtful answers tend to match quicker. Match times vary from immediate to more than a year. Parents select donors based on attractiveness, similar qualities and health.

Your profile is protected and not available to the public. Intended parents who are looking for an egg donor create password protected search accounts to view egg donor profiles. Once we have an intended parent who would like for you to be their egg donor, we will contact you to confirm your availability.


You will be provided with unlimited support 24/7 by our program specialists.

In addition you will have access to join our private egg donor forum Facebook page open to all women interested in being an egg donor or learning about egg donation called Surrogates & Egg Donors U.S.A. Connect

Your profile is protected and not available to the public. Intended parents who are looking for an egg donor create password protected search accounts to view egg donor profiles. Once we have an intended parent who would like for you to be their egg donor, we will contact you to confirm your availability.


We deposit your fee and expenses into an escrow account with a licensed escrow agency.

Once you are selected by intended parents, your egg retrieval will likely occur within 8 to 10 weeks. Sometimes it can be longer. Once the process starts you will be completing screenings, psychological evaluations, legal contracts and taking medication to prepare for egg retrieval.

Donors have to be flexible, cooperative and committed. When you accept a match you must be free and available to complete the cycle without interruptions. If you have travel plans scheduled or are thinking of traveling you need to disclose that before accepting the match.

Yes.  We do not issue a 1099 nor does the escrow company.  It is your responsibility to report this income and discuss this with your accountant.