our egg donor program

Getting Started

Our egg donor program offers a diverse selection and varying egg donor fees for all budgets. Fertility Heaven’s goal is to offer a variety of egg donors for your selection based on specific characteristics such as physical appearance, race, religion, education to name a few. We want you to be able to match with a donor that you identify with.

Many egg donors apply to our program but only a few are accepted. We only accept the best and brightest. We also look for donors that are responsible, caring and compassionate.

“The process was easy and I really enjoyed my experience. I really liked that Fertility Heaven included the cost of the AMH, donor insurance, psychological evaluation and legal review in their fee. It was really helpful for someone like myself on a budget.”

The Best Donors

We attract the best and the brightest egg donors. Fertility Heaven attracts the best and the brightest donors because we only accept high quality egg donors for our intended parents.

We recruit healthy, attractive and caring egg donors for our program. Our egg donors are diverse. We have egg donors that are in college, have children of their own or are repeat egg donors ready to help you have a family.

Selecting An Egg Donor

Every intended parent is different when looking for a donor. Some parents need to register with many agencies and others with only one. Some parents need to see endless number of profiles and others just a handful.

It is our experience when intended parents need to continue to see profiles that it will be difficult to make a decision and your process will take longer. You only need one donor. When you see that profile and you feel that connection – that is your donor.

Our Egg Donor Database

At Fertility Heaven we recruit egg donors that offer the best potential for being matched. We are always updating our database and doing everything possible to make sure the donors are available.