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How to Become an Egg Donor

First review the egg donor requirements. If you are not sure you meet the requirements, please email us at
We invest a lot time and resources into the application process and want you to have an understanding of the requirements.

Fertility Heaven Egg donor agency is always in high demand for bright and interesting women to join our egg donor program.  We have a high demand for all donor types:  Blonde donors, Caucasian donors, Hispanic donors, African American donors and Asian donors.

As a donor you will benefit from a free health and fertility screening in addition to receiving compensation for first time egg donors in the amount of $10,000 and $12,000 for repeat egg donors.


Join our private Facebook group Surrogates & Egg Donors USA Connect to meet our team and other women like yourself interested in being surrogates. Our educational platform provides livechats and informative posts. You will also enjoy learning about the experience of other women sharing their story with you.

Egg Donor Requirements

Following are the requirements for Egg Donor selection

Donor Requirements

Health Requirements

If you meet the requirements below to become an egg donor click on egg donor registration to complete a profile. A Fertility Heaven team member will schedule a videochat to explain the process, answer your questions and go over next steps in your continued egg donor journey.

Many intended parents like to choose a donor whose characteristics are similar to theirs. Intended parents seek donors that are healthy and beautiful inside and out. Our goal is to provide intended parents with a diverse group of egg donors for their perfect match. We encourage donors from all backgrounds to apply Caucasian egg donors, Blonde egg donors, Hispanic egg donors, African American egg Donors, Chinese Egg Donors, Asian egg donors, Middle Eastern egg donors.

Donor Requirements

Lifestyle Requirements

Fertility Heaven accepts women in our egg donor program that lead healthy lifestyles, are committed and understand that being an egg donor is an important responsibility.

Donors cannot smoke, vape, or use drugs to include medical marijuana. Egg donors cannot be on antidepressants or have mental illness.

Egg Donors cannot have a history of substance abuse. Donors must be physically and mentally fit.


Donor Requirements

Contraception Requirements

Currently not in Depo-Provera, Mirena or not currently using Nexplanon. Must be willing to remove to be considered. You can complete a profile but matching will be delayed until you remove the implant.

You can remove it and consider other forms of birth control such as the pill.

Donor Requirements

Treatment Requirements

Donor Requirements

Time Requirements

Donor Requirements

Out of State Egg donors

Our Miami based agency accepts egg donors from all over the United States. You have the option to donate locally or out of state. This will require two trips to the intended parents fertility clinic.

One trip is for the medical evaluation and the other for retrieval. Monitoring of your treatment will be done by a fertility clinic near your home. All expenses are covered in advance.

If you do not qualify to become an egg donor and have at least 1 child and gave birth without complications, you might consider our surrogate program. First time surrogates earn $50,000.