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Meeting Your Surrogate

Fertility Heaven’s goal is to help you have a successful relationship with your gestational surrogate. Prior to you selecting your surrogate, we will arrange for you to meet with her as many times as necessary. This is part of our process to make you feel comfortable with your decision.
When you come to our offices at Fertility Heaven, our at home environment makes your consultation comfortable as we explain the process of gestational surrogacy. We will do everything possible to match you with you with the right surrogate that is caring, healthy and responsible.

Fertility Heaven Cares

Fertility Heaven Surrogate Program

Fertility Heaven cares about matching you with the right surrogate. We want to make sure your journey to parenthood is successful.
Our goal is your goal! We are experienced in making dreams come true for everyone wanting to be a parent.

Fertility Heaven Cares

Fertility Heaven Surrogate Program

21 to 39 years Age

At lesat 1 successful pregnancy

Pshychological screening for the surrogate and her partner

Pregnancy Record

Non Smoker / Anti Drug

BMI 19-32

Lives in stable , safe environment

Pass a criminal background check

Not receiving government financial assistance

Healthy and emotionally stable

Financially stable

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