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Egg Donation

We provide all the support and resources throughout the egg donor process. Fertility Heaven will provide all the support and collaboration necessary throughout the egg donation process, guiding you and the donor to ensure that everything will flow in a simple, safe and fast manner.
As the main liaison between you, your donor, physician, nurse coordinator, attorney and other participating professionals, you can rest assure that we will do our very best.

What Is The Process?

Just Follow These Simple Steps, and Begin Your Path To Become a Parent.

Step # 1

Consulting with your clinic

Step # 2

Reserving A Donor

Step # 3

Donor Workup And Clearance

Step # 4

The Donor Cycle

Post Egg Retrieval

After a successful retrieval, one or more of the resulting embryos may be transferred to the intended mother within days. The clinic can make recommendations for the disposition of the remaining embryos.