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Our main goal at Fertility Heaven is to help couples, single parents and same sex partners achieve their dreams of parenthood. We are warm and experienced professionals who will guide you through the process with sensitivity and care. We welcome clients to schedule a meeting to come visit us to learn more about the process of becoming a parent through egg donation or surrogacy. While we would like to meet with all of our clients, we understand that schedules and residing in different parts of the country might make that difficult. Our services are accessible to intended parents, egg donors and surrogates nationwide. To learn more about our services complete the Prospective Parent Questionnaire for a free consultation and to access our egg donor and surrogate database or call us at 888-350-1759.

Egg Donor Program:

The search for an egg donor can feel overwhelming. But we’re here to help you find the right match. Some intended parents choose donors based primarily on physical attributes or one who shares their ethnic, religious, or cultural backgrounds. While other intended parents hope to find an egg donor who is healthy and athletic or has musical or artistic talent. Whatever attributes you’re looking for, you can search our list of hundreds of available egg donors below. Filter by characteristics that meet your preferences. If you can’t find an egg donor in our database that interests you, we can help expand your search for free.


Fertility Heaven pre-qualified egg donors possess health, intelligence and beauty. As an Intended Parent, it is important to consider all of an Egg Donor’s attributes. There is no guarantee that any Donor chosen by Intended Parents will provide the type of outcome desired, so it is important for Intended Parents to be careful when setting their expectations around a specific fertility outcome. All donors go through a rigorous and intensive health and genetic application process, ensuring only the most qualified donors are made available to you. Each donor is educated about her responsibilities as a donor so she knows what to expect every step of the process.

Once you select a donor, Fertility Heaven contacts your IVF clinic to coordinate the cycle.

Surrogate Program

All prospective parents begin with a consultation that lasts approximately 1 hours. Prior to the consultation, you will complete a basic questionnaire that will assist us in tailoring information to meet your specific needs.

Consultations occur in our Miami office or via Skype. During these consultations, we will educate you on surrogacy and options, including the detailed process of matching with an egg donor and/or a surrogate, legal implications, insurance details and surrogacy costs.


At Fertility Heaven, we understand that same sex parenting comes with its challenges. We know that for gay men and same sex couples building a family may be overwhelming. Fertility Heaven offers guidance, resources and works with fertility partners with extensive experience in gay parental rights. Gay men have the option of using a gestational surrogate and egg donor. One partner can have a biological connection to the child. Surrogacy guarantees that you will be legally recognized as the child’s biological parent; your partner may not need to obtain an adoption for parental rights. We will provide you with a list of attorneys experienced with same sex legal issues from state to state.


Whether you select an egg donor or gestational carrier who is local to your clinic or who lives in a different state, we’ll work closely with your clinic to ensure all participants make the necessary arrangements to accomplish a long-distance cycle. If we don’t already work with your fertility center, we’ll establish a relationship and work within their protocol to help increase your opportunity for a positive outcome. Depending on your program’s requirements, you can expect your egg donor or gestational carrier to make multiple trips to your clinic in order to complete the cycle. All costs associated with transportation, accommodations, remote clinic monitoring, and daily stipend are in addition to the agency fee and compensation. If you have yet to decide which fertility clinic to partner with for a egg donation and/or surrogate cycle, we can provide referrals to some of the country’s most respected clinics.

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