The Egg Donor Process, Step by Step

Large family photoThroughout the process, both you and your donor will be guided by our team of highly educated and experienced professionals.   As the main liaison between you, your donor, physician, nurse coordinator, attorney and other participating professionals, we will provide the unparalleled support and resources critical to success.


The Process: Working with Fertility Heaven

STEP 1: Consult your Fertility Professionals

  • Contact your center’s clinical psychologist or other mental health professional to discuss the emotional aspects of egg donation.  This is a requirement of the program and a necessary step before reserving an egg donor.
  • Contact your fertility center’s egg donor nurse coordinator to gather information on the medical work-up you need to prepare for a donor cycle.
  • Contact your fertility center’s financial department and inquire about the medical costs associated with the cycle.  (These are separate from fees associated with Fertility Heaven.)

STEP 2: Reserving a Donor

  • We welcome the opportunity to provide personal matching assistance.  We want you to feel informed about candidates and confident in your decision.
  • Once a donor is identified, complete the online process to “retain” a donor.
  • You will be required to obtain legal counsel within 15 business days of reserving the donor.  Upon medical clearance of the donor, the legal agreements and all remaining fees are due within 3 business days.

STEP 3: Donor Work-up and Clearance

  • Fertility Heaven will assist in arranging for the donor candidate to meet with your fertility clinic or other required professionals for further evaluation and screening as required by your physician.
  • Contact your egg donor nurse coordinator and physician regarding medical preparations and instructions.
  • Your physician’s office will notify us of the donor’s medical clearance.  In turn, we will notify them once our office receives all executed legal documents. (This is required before any medication start dates are given.)

STEP 4: The Donor Cycle

  • Your physician will determine all medical protocols.
  • Donor cycles generally last anywhere from 12 to 24 days.
  • During the cycle, Fertility Heaven will monitor both you and your donor to offer encouragement, support and resources and to be a conduit for information.
  • Your physician will make decisions regarding successful stimulation, retrieval and transfer of embryos.

STEP 5: Post Egg Retrieval

  • If fertilization takes place, one or more of the resulting embryos may be transferred approximately 3-5 days after retrieval. Any decisions regarding the disposition of embryos which are not immediately transferred will be the sole responsibility of Intended Parents in conjunction with their physician at the fertility center.
  • During this time, Fertility Heaven will be happy to assist if you are inclined to send a small note of kindness or other gift.  This is by no means a requirement but rather mentioned so we can be involved as the intermediary to protect the confidentiality of both parties.  (Please avoid having your fertility center act as the intermediary for such gestures.)

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