Gestational Surrogate Fees

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Surrogate mother fees include baseline compensation, medical costs and allowances:

Baseline compensation: $3,000 per month after second confirmation of fetal heartbeat $20,000 to $45,000
Embryo transfer and bed rest $1,500
Monthly stipend for miscellaneous expenses: $200/month, estimated 12 months $2,400
Maternity clothing allowance $750
Surrogate Fee Total: $35,450


Psychological Screening & Support*

Psychological-related surrogacy fees and costs entail:

In depth screening of Gestational Surrogate and Partner (if applicable), home visit, match meeting and ongoing monthly support

                                                                                  Ongoing psychological screening and support during pregnancy fee total: $5,000

Legal Fees*

Surrogate mother legal fees include:

Review of agency contracts and drafting of Direct Agreement for both Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogate $4,000
Additional legal expenses for required Parental Establishment documents, court costs and filing fees $5,000


Agency Fees*

Surrogacy costs and fees at our agency are detailed below:

Retainer due upon signing Service Contract (non-refundable) $4,000
1st Agency Installment, due upon Gestational Surrogate medical clearance $4,000
2nd Agency Installment, due upon embryo transfer $4,000 $4,000


Agency Fee Total: $12,000

Additional Expenses*

Some variable surrogacy costs may include:

Maternity insurance coverage 0 – $37,000
Disability and/or Life insurance TBD
Experienced Surrogate – additional compensation $5,000
Multiple pregnancy – additional compensation $5,000
Dropped or Mock cycle $500
Physician recommended cesarean section $2,500
Invasive procedure compensation – per occurrence (D&C, CVS, cerclage, etc.) $500
Fetal reduction $750
Ectopic pregnancy surgery $1,000
Labor induction due to no heartbeat or abnormalities $2,000
Loss of one or more fallopian tubes $1,000
Loss of uterus $2,500
Hysterectomy $5,000


*Fertility Heaven requires a $20,000 surplus deposit into escrow towards variable expenses.