Become a Parent

Fertility Heaven will be at your side. This is an exciting time in your life! You have decided to have a family and your are researching your options with third party reproduction, congratulations on that first step! With our help, you will achieve the dream of having a family.

We will guide you step by step through the process and make sure you feel comfortable and secure along the way. We know this is a big decision and that is the reason we are committed to selecting the best egg donors and surrogates to be part of our network.

Since 2012, Fertility Heaven egg donor and surrogacy agency has helped parents grow their family.

Gestational Surrogacy Program

We know you look to us to match you with a gestational surrogate who is caring, healthy and who you trust to carry your baby. With this in mind, Fertility Heaven is devoted to recruiting healthy, bright and dedicated women. We will listen to your needs and no request is big enough. Learn more about our gestational surrogacy program.

“Fertility Heaven is always available to answer questions and the updates are consistent and thorough. The follow through is outstanding.”

Egg Donor & Surrogate Travel

Egg Donor Program

The Fertility Heaven egg donor program is built on diversity and parents demands. Our goal is to have egg donors in our database that meet clients interest and not have thousands of egg donors just to have a large database. Learn more about our egg donor program.

You Do Not Need To Be Local To Us

Fertility Heaven offers intended parents the greatest opportunity for success by providing the highest quality egg donors and surrogates available, and the stability, professionalism, and experience needed to have a successful result.

We have ready surrogate mothers and egg donors available in every corner of the United States. We are well versed in working with intended parents from across the U.S. and around the world. 

We can help with the following:

  • Coordinate your match with a Fertility Heaven surrogate or egg donor who can travel to your clinic. We coordinate all travel arrangements.
  • Connect you with an IVF clinic in your selected donor’s area in the event she cannot travel.
  • Work with international intended parents who come to us for assistance to match with an egg donor or surrogate.
  • International couples will need to hire an attorney based in the U.S. and your home country. Your home country lawyer will be able to provide excellent counsel on parentage, visas, birth certificates and insurance.
  • We will also do a custom search for an egg donor or surrogate at no cost to you.

Same Sex Parenting

Growing your family for same sex couples has a few more layers. We are an agency with modern values and experience ready to help you. With the raise of legalization of same-sex marriages, it is only a natural next step for you to want a family of your own. Because of this, there is an increase in gestational surrogates throughout the country.

Fertility Heaven is proud to be part of this modern family building process.

At Fertility Heaven, we understand that for gay men and women, third party reproduction can be overwhelming with so many different components to the process. In this process, gay men will need an egg donor and gestational surrogate.

This process is unique because one of the father’s will have a biological connection to the child which makes it one of the best processes for building your family.

We will put you in contact with lawyers specializing in third party reproduction to make sure your family is protected.

“I felt really secure in this process because we found an attorney that specialized in gay marriages and that makes a difference.”

Fertility Heaven Provides Support

We work with many fertility partners specializing in same-sex marriages from clinics to lawyers. We will make referrals that are right for your situation and state.

Clinical Referrals

See why fertility clinics and centers choose Fertility Heaven for surrogacy and egg donation. Choosing an egg donor or a gestational surrogate is an emotional process. It’s not just part of your fertility program, it’s a decision that has a significant impact on your family and your future baby. That is why, at Fertility Heaven, every member of our team is dedicated to being here for you at every step of the way throughout your journey with us, including when it comes time to make the emotional decision of selecting your egg donor and surrogate.

We can help guide you through the donor selection process. We want you to feel secure and confident in the decision you make, which is why we not only make ourselves available to you but our egg donors and surrogates.

To meet the needs of your growing family and to allow you to select the very best fit, our egg donors and surrogates come from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and have varying physical characteristics, educational backgrounds, and personalities. Each of our egg donors and surrogates is required to complete a detailed application and screening process prior to being added into our database for their safety and for the health of your future baby.

Fertility Heaven and Your Clinic

Whether you select an egg donor or gestational carrier who is local to your clinic or who lives across the country, we’ll work closely to ensure all participants make the necessary arrangements to accomplish a successful cycle. If we don’t already work with your fertility center or clinic, we’ll establish a relationship and work within their protocol to help increase the opportunity for a smooth, positive outcome.

Depending on your clinic’s requirements, you can expect your egg donor or gestational carrier to make one or two trips to your clinic in order to complete the cycle. Should you need a fertility clinic recommendation, we can provide referrals.

Fertility Heaven Understands

Our team understands the importance of working closely with fertility doctors, egg donors and surrogates. In addition to following clinic protocols, Fertility Heaven is known for constant communication with the many people in this very special process.