We provide all the support and resources
throughout the egg donor process

Feritlity Heaven will provide all the support and collaboration necessary throughout the egg donation process, guiding you and the donor to ensure that everything will flow in a simple, safe and fast manner.

As the main liaison between you, your donor, physician, nurse coordinator, attorney and other participating professionals, you can rest assure that we will do our very best.

STEP 1: Consulting with your clinic

  • Contact your clinic to schedule the donor for a medical evaluation.
  • Connect with the nurse coordinator at your fertility clinic to gather information about your egg donor.

STEP 2: Reserving a Donor

  • Once an egg donor is selected, complete the online process to reserve a donor. The fee is due after the service agreement is reviewed and signed.
  • After the fee is paid and the match has been confirmed with all parties, we will send a match confirmation packet via email to your fertility clinic.

STEP 3: Donor Work-up and Clearance

  • Fertility Heaven will assist in arranging for the donor to meet with the fertility clinic for evaluation and screening as required by your physician.
  • Contact your egg donor nurse coordinator and physician regarding medical preparations and instructions.
  • Your fertility clinic will notify us of the donor’s medical clearance. In turn, we will notify them once our office receives all legal documents and remaining funds. This is required before any medication start dates are given.

STEP 4: The Donor Cycle

  • Your physician will determine all medical protocols.
  • Donor cycles average 1 month.
  • During the cycle, Fertility Heaven will be in contact with both you and your donor to offer support and ongoing updates as the process progresses.
  • Your physician will make decisions regarding successful stimulation, retrieval and transfer of embryos.

STEP 5: Post Egg Retrieval

  • After a successful retrieval, one or more of the resulting embryos may be transferred to the intended mother within days. The clinic can make recommendations for the disposition of the remaining embryos.

“My experience with Fertility Heaven was positive and I was truly informed of every step or delay.  I never had to call them for an update because of their consistency with communication”

Egg Donor Process FAQs

Donors complete a profile and interview to be fully educated about the egg donation process and the commitment required. Only a small percentage of donors who apply to the program are chosen to go through the screening process.  Learn more about our egg donor screening process.

Egg donor information is mostly self-reported, with the exception of psychological and medical testing performed after being selected from the database. However, if  Intended Parents would like a copy of the donor’s college grades for example, we can request it. During the psychological evaluation, donors are administered a standardized personality test to provide some information regarding their level of transparency, honesty and compliance with the process.

Using a live donor ensures you of the process she completed and that all of the eggs retrieved are yours.  With an egg bank you are limited to the number you purchase from an egg bank and will rarely have access to the same donor for a genetic sibling. Also, success rates are far better with a fresh cycle. Working with a live donor allows you to go through the process with her and enjoy the experience. You can also obtain additional information from her or have anonymous phone conversation or skype meeting should you consider that option.

During our consultation we will get to know you better and what led you up to this process.  We will seek to understand your struggle and commitment to completing this process.

Your clinic will require you to complete a psychological evaluation to make sure you understand and are ready to build a family through third party reproduction.

Since 2012, Fertility Heaven has successfully helped families through the egg donation process. We have had over a 95% percent success rate.

Fertility Heaven has personal experience with egg donation and understand first hand your desire to build a family and change your life forever.

The donors in our program are considered anonymous. If the donor agrees to meet the offspring that result from her donation, that meeting will be arranged by the intended parents’ attorney who finalized their egg donation contract once the child turns 18.

Questions? Contact Fertility Heaven.

If you have more questions about the egg donation process, our egg donor program or our agency in general, contact Fertility Heaven.

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