Growing your family for same sex couples has a few more layers.

We are an agency with modern values and experience ready to help you. With the raise of legalization of same-sex marriages, it is only a natural next step for you to want a family of your own.  Because of this, there is an increase in gestational surrogates throughout the country.

Fertility Heaven is proud to be part of this modern family building process.

At Fertility Heaven, we understand that for gay men and women, third party reproduction can be overwhelming with so many different components to the process.  In this process, gay men will need an egg donor and gestational surrogate.

This process is unique because one of the father’s will have a biological connection to the child which makes it one of the best processes for building your family.

We will put you in contact with lawyers specializing in third party reproduction to make sure your family is protected.


“I felt really secure in this process because we found an attorney that specialized in gay marriages and that makes a difference.”

Fertility Heaven Provides Support

We work with many fertility partners specializing in same-sex marriages from clinics to lawyers. We will make referrals that are right for your situation and state.

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