Surrogacy Costs

Fertility Heaven average surrogacy engagement fees range from $120,000 to $160,000, and actual costs will vary depending on the services required for each individual situation. Costs within this range include the surrogate mother’s fee, Fertility Heaven’s fee of $15,000 and fees to cover medical insurance, the cost of IVF, medical treatments, legal, maternity care, delivery and other expenses.

This is a major financial expense but one that will change your life for the better. Having a family of your own is priceless. Fertility Heaven will provide a detailed cost outline of using a surrogate through our surrogacy program during your consultation.

Surrogacy Fee Schedule

Surrogacy Fees Total Cost
Fertility Heaven Fee $15000
Surrogate Fee $35,000 to $55,000
Pre-Pregnancy Procedure Payments $1,200 a month
Pregnancy Monthly Payments Divided into 9 monthly payments
Pre-Pregnancy Payments and Maternity Expenses Fund $6,000 and up
Dropped Cycle Fee $1500
Fetal Reduction $1500
Ectopic Pregnancy $1500
C-Section $4000
Multiple Birth $5000
Bed Rest, plus lost wages $300 a week
Surrogate Legal Representation Included
Escrow Management Included
Start of injection fee Included
Start of embryo transfer fee Included
Clothing Allowance Included
Invasive Procedure Included
Psychological Evaluation Included
Life Insurance Included
Intended Parent Legal Representation $4000
Parentage Paperwork Birth Order $3500
Health Insurance Varies
IVF Clinic Fee Varies per clinic

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