Meeting your surrogate.

Fertility Heaven’s goal is to help you have a successful relationship with your surrogate.  Prior to you selecting your surrogate, we will arrange for you to meet with her as many times as necessary.  This is part of our process to make you feel comfortable with your decision.

Surrogacy Process FAQs

We always recommend to intended parents to pick a surrogacy friendly state .  When working with a surrogate it is important to consider the state she is in.

The best states for surrogacy are Florida, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, Colorado, Delaware, Oregon, Arkansas, Tennessee,  Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, Virginia, Washington.

We will guide you through this process and connect you with a lawyer who is a third party reproduction expert.

You only reimburse the surrogate for her time while she is pregnant. If you wish to proceed with an additional transfer there are some monthly payments that will still be required to be paid. For example;  insurance premiums, the surrogates’ monthly allowance, etc.

Our fee does not increase if you wish to have twins. However, the costs for other aspects of the surrogacy do increase accordingly. For example; the surrogate’s living expenses, clothing allowance and monthly allowance just to name a few. Your main concern should be the medical bills associated with a twin pregnancy and birth. Pregnancies with more than one baby are considered high risk and preterm delivery is often the result. The babies will need insurance, which is another cost to take into consideration. We will recommend companies that will assist with insurance.

There are many specifics associated with each individual or group plan. Therefore, we enlist specialists in the insurance field to review each policy as part of the pre-screening and will determine if your plan will cover any costs. You have to plan that you will probably have to purchase medical insurance for the surrogate. The only plan with zero risk is the Lloyd’s of London private surrogate policy.

The surrogacy process can take an average of over 12 months.  Every intended parents timeline can be different. You can expedite the experience by working with a reputable fertility clinic and lawyer.

Questions? Contact Fertility Heaven.

If you have more questions about the surrogacy process contact Fertility Heaven.

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