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Our Goal

Meeting Your Surrogate


The goal of the match meeting is to get to know the surrogate at a personal level. During the meeting you want to keep it light and friendly to see if you are right for this journey together.  You want to share information about yourself and listen to what she has to say.  It’s important to cover delicate topics such as termination, reduction and relationship expectations after the birth if any. Fertility Heaven will be available to guide the conversation while giving you privacy during the meeting so that you can feel comfortable and have fun talking during the meeting.

Fertility Heaven understands the commitment and financial investment your making in growing your family. We will provide you with a detailed cost estimate to allow you to plan for your expenses during your journey.

For more information about our surrogate program prices, costs & fees, contact us.

Surrogacy Fee Schedule

What is included in your retainer

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Complimentary Consultation

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Your complimentary consultation is designed to help you understand what to expect during the process, timelines, journey, and costs. Our consultations are offered in English and Spanish. You’ll learn more about our surrogacy program and surrogates, so you’ll know what to expect. Consultations are conducted by phone, video chat or at our office. 

Complete a Profile

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Your profile should include the reasons you need a surrogate, and you will be able to upload a photo of yourself. Your profile is shared with the surrogate once you decide to meet with her. Another important document is the Intended Parent Questionnaire. This will include very detailed information that will help match you with the right surrogate.

Working With Us

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Fertility Heaven makes everything simple for you. We will match you first without a fee. You will sign our retainer once your clinic pre approves your surrogate. Once you sign our retainer, our fee is due. We accept wire transfersand credits cards. 

Lawyer Consultation

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We will recommend a lawyer in third party reproduction to explain the process to you.

Psychological Evaluation

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Your surrogate will complete a psychological evaluation with a psychologist specializing in third party reproduction. This includes an MMPI and interview.

Meeting Your Surrogate

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Prior to meeting your surrogate, she has completed an extensive interview process which includes an application, review of her prenatal and delivery records, pap smear, psychological evaluation, criminal background check of her and her spouse/domestic partner.

Case Management

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Your surrogate is assigned a case manager at the start of the application process until after birth. She will receive all the emotional support from our team for a smooth pregnancy and delivery.  She will also be connected to our agency surrogate community in Facebook and in person luncheon celebrations.

Setting Up Escrow

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We will require you to set up escrow early in the process to cover expenses for your surrogate during the medical evaluation. We will let you know when payments should be made until you fully fund which must be done when you finish the legal stage.

Surrogate Evaluation with your Fertility Clinic

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This is when your surrogate goes to your fertility clinic for an extensive evaluation to include a hysteroscopy — A procedure that consists of a thin scope being inserted through her cervix todetermine the shape and the size of her uterus.Saline sonogram — A procedure that has the purpose of evaluating the uterine cavity and checking for abnormalities.

Legal Contracts

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Your lawyer will draft the legal agreement with all the terms outlined. Your surrogate will have her assigned lawyer to conduct the review.

Cycle Preparation

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After you’ve finished the legal process and your surrogate is medically prepared to begin treatment, your IVF Nurse will provide a cycle calendar with all the monitoring appointments and the date of the embryo transfer. Pregnancy results will come back in about 10 days following the embryo transfer procedure.

Release to her Ob or Gyn

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After the heartbeat confirmation of pregnancy, your surrogate’s IVF doctor will release her to her obstetrician. Your attorney will start the birth order at about 20 weeks of pregnancy and claim parentage immediately after birth.