Refund Policy

Egg Donation Program

Intended parents agency fees are refundable, minus a $500 administration fee and expenses, in the following situations, the donor does not pass the initial medical and only if they occur within 3 months of the date of when the contract was signed. Instead of a refund, the entire amount of agency fees paid is applicable to the selection of a new Egg Donor as long as the new Egg Donor is chosen within 3 months of signing the contract. Under no other circumstance will any fees paid to Fertility Heaven be refundable in any other way. Fertility Heaven will have 60 days to return any monies owed to Recipients after a written request is received.

  1. The Egg Donor does not sign her legal agreement with Recipients.
  2. The Egg Donor does not pass medical screening to become an Egg Donor.
  3. The Egg Donor changes her mind about becoming an Egg Donor and chooses not to complete the Egg Donor Cycle.  A written request of a refund must be received within 3 months of the date of the contract to be valid. If Fertility Heaven is not coordinating the Egg Donor Cycle, any fees are non-refundable, except as defined in section 1 and 2.

Surrogacy Program

Our $12,000 agency fee for surrogacy match consulting and cycle coordination is non-refundable and covers our gestational surrogacy matching and cycle time.