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Our attorneys practicing surrogacy
and egg donation law in Florida:

Our Work Stages

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Stage 1

Surrogacy Contract:

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Your attorney will draft, negotiate and finalize your surrogacy contract. We will recommend another attorney for your surrogate.

Stage 2

Pre Birth Order:

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At the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, your attorney will obtain the pre birth order to send to the hospital so they are aware this is a surrogacy delivery ensuring your rights at the birth. This pre-birth order does not place the intended parents’ name on the birth certificate.

Stage 2

Post Birth Court Order and Obtain Florida Birth Certificate:

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Immediately after the birth of the child, your attorney obtains a court order which they will send via rush order to Florida Vital Records office which allows me to obtain the Florida birth certificate with your name on the birth certificate.

Attorneys practicing surrogacy
law in other states:

If you are out of state, international or your surrogate is out of state, we will provide you with a referral for an attorney practicing in your surrogate’s state or click here to find an attorney.

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Seedtrust is an escrow company providing the intended parents, egg donor, surrogate, and Fertility Heaven immediate access to your case file online, as well as real-time updates on account balances, payments, and disbursement requests.

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Art Risk Solutions

Art Risk is a provider of different surrogacy and egg donation products. They provide medical insurance for surrogates, life insurance among other products and complication insurance for egg donors. For a complete list of their products visit them online.

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American Society for Reproductive Medicine

ASRM provides information, education, advocacy, and standards in reproductive medicine and science