Fertility Heaven Reviews

We encourage our egg donors, surrogates and intended parents to give us a google review.  Your review means a lot to us.

Intended Parent
My wife and I can’t express our gratitude towards this agency. First the owner is always there, she always picks up the phone, and is always accommodating.

Unlike other agencies, you don’t deal with cold employees that make the process very mechanic and uncomfortable. We always felt welcome and loved. They put heart in what they’re doing.

For instance we wanted to anonymously meet with the donor via skype to get to know her personality a little before any commitment. Well, other agencies just laughed at this request (and at many other simpler requests). This agency, instead, understood our feelings, understood that it was important for us to briefly chat with the donor we liked, and made it possible.
It was then and there we realized how carefully, thoroughly, and thoughtfully this agency screens and selects donors for you.

Beware of those agencies with a catalogue of thousands and thousands of donors, of those who push you towards a specific clinic, they simply don’t care of your final result. Fertility Heaven and Miriam were angels for us, and we’re now waiting for twins!!!

Intended Parent
Best agency ever.We welcomed our baby using a fertility heaven egg donor.My entire process was smooth and wonderful because the staff at fertility heaven is caring and always ready to answer All emails and calls which was very important to me.I only have good things to say about fertility heaven.They are amazing human beings.