Surrogate fees and costs

Surrogacy Costs

Fertility Heaven average surrogacy engagement fees range from $100,000 to $120,000, and actual costs will vary depending on the services required for each individual situation. Costs within this range include the gestational carrier’s fee, Fertility Heaven’s fee, medical insurance, the cost of IVF, medical treatments, legal, maternity care, delivery and other expenses.

Working with Fertility Heaven is simple and pleasant. We want to make as uncomplicated as possible. We require you to sign and return our retainer agreement when you are matched. Accepted payment types include  bank wire transfers or credit card.  

This is a major financial expense but one that will change your life for the better. Having a family of your own is priceless. Fertility Heaven will provide a detailed cost outline of using a surrogate through our surrogacy program during your consultation.

Surrogate compensation packages are customized based on her needs to complete a journey successfully. Other aspects that increase costs include your surrogate’s location, if she is an experienced surrogate, her employment status, and type of medical insurance needed. 

We provide all intended parents with a complimentary professional consultation.  

Our fee includes: Surrogate search and matching, cycle management, case management,  escrow account management, medical insurance review services, administrative support, after hours and weekend access, waived agency fee for a rematch.

Surrogacy Fee Schedule


Intended Parents Expenses Total Cost of Program
Fertility Heaven Fee Contact us for brochure
Gestational Carrier Fee

$45,000 to $65 000

Prepregnancy payments/ Treatment Compensation $1,500 a month
Pregnancy Monthly Payments Base fee divided in 9 monthly installments
Pregnancy Related Expense Account $300.00 + a month
Drop Cycle Fee $750
Fetal Reduction $1500
Ectopic Pregnancy $1500
C-Section $6000
Multiple Birth $10,000
Post Delivery Recovery Fee $300 per week
Surrogate Legal  Representation $1,500
Escrow Company $1,500
Surrogate Contract Signing Incentive  $1,500 deducted from base fee
Doctor ordered bed rest 100% net pay 

Embryo Transfer Fee


Included in treatment compensation
Maternity Clothing Included in treatment compensation
Invasive Procedure Fees Covered by Intended Parents
Psychological Evaluation $500
Life Insurance $600
Intended Parents Legal Representation $4000 or more
Parentage Birth Order Paperwork $3500 or more
Medical Insurance Varies, covered by intended parents
IVF Clinic Fees Varíes by clinic