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What is included in your surrogate compensation

We offer a generous compensation package to enable you to achieve your goals while helping someone to have a family. First time surrogates start at $55,000. Experienced surrogates earn $70,000 plus. In addition to your base fee, you will have a separate account for expenses and you will be paid during treatment. If you have insurance we will review it to determine if it is surrogate friendly. If you do not have health insurance you will be provided with a plan to cover prenatal care and delivery at no cost to you.

We will customize your package to meet your needs. We want you to be happy and comfortable during your journey and understand that every surrogate has different needs. 

You may wonder how much surrogate mothers are paid for twins. In the event that a surrogate mother becomes pregnant with twins, an additional compensation of $10,000 resulted.

If you have questions about becoming a gestational carrier please contact us at 305-772-3302. We customize your package based on your needs to help a family. 

Compensation Packages Details

Base Compensation Package

This level of compensation is life changing. It could be the difference between buying a car cash or making a down payment on a house. Whatever your reason, this is an opportunity to change your family’s life.

The chart below lists the most important elements of your compensation, including how your monthly premiums and benefits are paid. There are 3 separate compensation accounts. You will be provided with a fully paid medical insurance during your journey. We pride ourselves in allowing you to customize your package based on your needs. To receive a copy of our complete Gestational Surrogate Compensation Package contact us at

RANGING FROM $55,000 TO $70,000 PLUS additional compensation to cover EXPENSES
Pre-Pregnancy Payments
Treatment compensation is paid monthly during treatment from the start of injections to the confirmation of the heartbeat. This is a separate account from your base pay.
Expense Account
This account is paid monthly to cover expenses related to your journey. This account is separate from your base pay and pre-pregnancy payments.
Signing Incentive Fee
You will receive in advance $1,500 dollars deducted from your base account at the time of signing the legal agreement.
Pregnancy monthly payments
Base Compensation divided into 9 monthly payments
Maternity Clothes


Childcare During Appointments
Case Management

Additional Packages Details

Additional Benefits

Fertility Heaven only works with clinics that do single embryo transfers
Should twins results from the embryo splitting and resulting in to babies, the surrogate will receive additional compensation.

Medical Insurance

Surrogate will receive additional compensation for medical insurance coverage. Intended parents will cover premiums, co-pays, out of pocket maximums, deductibles and denied claims related to the pregnancy. We will assist you with finding and reviewing insurance.

Pumping breast milk

In the event that other procedures are necessary, surrogate will receive additional compensation.

300 Dollars per week

Bed Rest

The surrogate will be reimbursed for lost wages for doctored ordered bed rest.