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At Fertility Heaven, we value and understand the commitment you are making to become a surrogate mother. You will be changing someone’s life while changing yours. When you sign up with our agency, you will be treated like family. We will make you feel very special during your journey.  We will be totally dedicated to you to help you have a healthy and enjoyable experience.

Once you complete the one-on-one consultation and orientation, you will be assigned a case manager.  Her role is to provide support and education during the different steps of your journey.  Our case managers have been surrogates themselves and understand what your needs are.  She will be able to provide answers to questions you may have and will be available to you everyday or as often as you need her to be.  You and her will develop a close relationship and from this journey become friends.  Our goal is to create the most beautiful experience of your life.

The first step is to review the gestational surrogate requirements. If you are not sure you meet the requirements, please email us at We invest a lot time and resources into the application process and want you to have an understanding of the requirements.  Fertility Heaven surrogates have no out of pocket expenses.  The medical evaluation, psychological process, legal agreement, IVF treatment, pregnancy and delivery is all covered by the intended parents.

You will enjoy a quick matching and embryo transfer process with a family of your choice. Our Miami Surrogate Program welcomes surrogates from all surrogate friendly states. If you are a woman searching for “gestational carrier” “surrogate mother” or “surrogacy near me” or “surrogacy agencies near me” and looking to sign up with a reputable agency with a 30 day matching success rate and will offer you a generous compensation package customized to meet your needs, contact us today at 305-772-3302.  

We are a surrogate Miami-based agency.  If you would like to explore being part of our surrogate family, we love to hear from you.  We can even arrange for you to speak to one of our surrogates who will provide first hand experience and be able to answer questions from a surrogate perspective.

Ready to sign up?  If you meet the requirements complete a profile, it’s that easy to get started! Don’t be afraid to do something great.

In addition to our case management services, we have a private online forum for you to connect to other women like yourself who have already taking the first step to be part of our family.  We welcome you to join our private Facebook group Surrogates & Egg Donors USA Connect to meet our team and other women like yourself interested in being surrogates. Our educational platform provides live chats and informative posts. You will also enjoy learning about the experience of other women sharing their story with you.

We appreciate you!  Thank you for taking the time to consider being part of our family.

What Are the Requirements?

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Surrogate Requirements

Program Requirements

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Surrogate Requirements

Financial and Status Requirements

Surrogate Requirements

Health Requirements

Surrogate Requirements

Lifestyle Requirements

Fertility Heaven accepts women in our surrogate program that lead healthy lifestyles, are committed and understand that being a surrogate is a major responsibility and a long-term process. Surrogates cannot smoke, vape, or use drugs to include medical marijuana. Surrogates cannot be on antidepressants or have a mental illness. Surrogates cannot have a history of substance abuse. Surrogates must be physically and mentally fit.