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We know you have a lot of questions! Whether you are a Miami surrogate or out of state, married, live with a significant other or a single mom, it’s important to have the support of your family. We will answer the questions you and your family may have during the application process.

Women and gay men who need a surrogate cannot have a biological child any other way, and you can be the one who makes that dream come true for them. Pregnancy.

There are so many great reasons to become a gestational carrier for someone else!  If you enjoy being pregnant or what to do something selfless, the incentives are endless.   Along the way, you can make great money and life long friends.

We offer all the possibilities to make your journey special. We will connect you with other surrogates in our agency. We have surrogate meetups who will likely become friends for life and a private social media platform to learn about surrogacy, surrogates sharing their journeys and connect you with other surrogates in our program. 


What type of support do you offer during my journey?

You will be provided with case management 24/7 by our surrogacy specialists.

Our nurse practitioner will provide case management during your entire journey.

We have a private Facebook support group for our surrogates and women like yourself looking to be a surrogate.  Our group provides guidance and support in addition to being a learning platform.

Surrogates & Egg Donors U.S.A. Connect https://www.facebook.com/groups/1031673300936921

You will also have the opportunity to win gift cards every month during our monthly contests.

Why would I not be accepted into the surrogacy program?

It will most likely be related to having a complicated birth.  In addition surrogates must be healthy and emotionally stable.

You can see our entire list of surrogate mother requirements here.

How do I know if I'm physically fit to be a surrogate?

We require that you get a physical from your primary doctor as well as clearance from your ob/gyn. 

Many times we do not know if we have a medical condition even though we feel good.  That is why we require a physical.  The doctor will see if you have high cholestorol or need blood work for example.  

Can I be a surrogate with your program if I haven't had a child?

No. You must have given birth and be raising at least one child. Our screening process involves the review of your prenatal and delivery records to ensure you have a history of healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries.

How much do surrogate mothers get paid?

Surrogate compensation ranges between $45,000 to $55,000 plus more for experienced surrogates and a separate fund for expenses and post partum recovery. California and West Coast states surrogates earn $65,000 plus rates.

Compensation includes the following:

Base Rate

Prepregnancy payments

Expense account

Post Partum Payments

and additional compensation and perks

Who will cover the costs associated with my surrogate pregnancy?

The intended parents will provide you with medical insurance to cover your surrogate pregnancy. All of your prenatal and delivery costs are covered by the intended parents. You will also be provided with funds to attend doctor appointments to cover gas, tolls and parking.  You will not have any of out of pocket expenses.

What type of parents do you match?

Traditional couples

Same sex couples

Single gay man

Single woman


You can select in your profile who you would like to match with as a surrogate.

What kind of surrogates do you work with?

We only work with gestational surrogates. This means gestational surrogates carry a baby that is not genetically related to them.

Can I be a surrogate if I am breastfeeding?

No.  You have to wait until you finish breastfeeding to be a surrogate. Once you finish you can apply.  We always have great intended parents waiting to be matched.

Does your agency require the COVID19 vaccine?

We do not require it. However some parents do.  If you do not have the vaccine, we will match you with parents that do not require it.

Do I need to have a medical examination with the fertility clinic to become a surrogate?

Yes, the fertility clinics will require that you pass a medical and psychological screening before you are accepted as a surrogate. This expense is covered by the intended parents.

You must provide a current pap smear, prenatal and delivery records and a clearance letter from your ob/gyn to be matched. You can request these records from your ob/gyn or hospital. In addition we require that you complete a physical with your primary doctor.  

Once we review your application and speak with you, we will give your the opportunity to collect all these records.  It’s not difficult, it is easy, just a few extra steps.

Can I be a surrogate if my tubes are tied?

The simple answer is yes. You can still be a surrogate because this procedure involves an embryo being transferred into your uterus. The embryo is not genetically related to you.

Do I have to be married to be a surrogate?

No, you can be single. If you are in a relationship or married, you partner will need to complete STD required bloodwork and psychological counseling.

What type of clinics do you work with?

We work with reputable clinics and fertility doctors that follow the guidelines of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

We work with clinics nationwide and many clinics have worked with us since we started our agency in 2012.

The clinics set strict guidelines to ensure your safety during the treatment cycle.  

What type of fertility medicine do I have to take?

Fertility medicine you will likely take either orally, vaginally or by injectible that will help you sync your cycle and prepare your uterus, are:

Birth control pills to sync your cycle with the provider of the ovum.

Estradiol: A hormone to help your uterine lining thicken and get ready for implantation.

Progesterone: A hormone to help the embryo implant in your uterine wall.

Do I use my own egg as a surrogate?

No, you will not be using your own eggs. Fertility Heaven only works gestational surrogacy. The egg is from the intended mother or an egg donor.

Does the IVF treatment affect my health?

No.  This is a low risk procedure that involves oral medication, injections and hormone patches.  The clinic will provide instructions and a calendar to follow.  The entire treatment is about 6 weeks with a few doctor appointments.

Can I work during my pregnancy as a surrogate?

Yes you can work or be a stay at home mom.

Are my expenses covered for surrogacy?

Yes, expenses are covered. Expenses that are related to surrogacy are negotiated in your legal contract and will be covered. Items such as pregnancy clothes, travel, child-care and bed rest.

How do you pay me as a surrogate?

We deposit your fee and expenses into an escrow account with a licensed escrow agency. These funds are divided and dispersed monthly according to your legal contract. You will be paid during treatment in addition to your 9 monthly installments.

What is the waiting time to be matched with a family?

We can usually match you within 30 days. We always have intended parents ready for matching.  This means that they are ready for the embryo transfer process.

How many embryos are transferred during the process?

Only 1 embryo is transferred during the process. Which means you will only be carrying 1 baby.

Do I meet the intended parents before matching?

Yes! You will meet them before deciding if you would like to match with them. We want you to match with a family that you like and want to help.

The meeting will be at our office or a virtual meeting.  At this time you will decide if you would like to help them.  

Can I Choose the Intended Parents?

Yes, you can choose the Intended Parents. Once the Intended Parents review your profile and questionnaire about you and decide to meet you, you will receive a brief profile about the Intended Parents for your own evaluation.

You will have the opportunity to communicate with the Intended Parents at our office or videochat if you are not near or out of state.  If all parties are in agreement, you will then decide whether you wish to work with the prospective Intended Parents.

If you feel that the selected relationship is not fit for you, we will continue to introduce you to other IPs that are better better suited to your expectations.

Do I pay taxes on my surrogate fee?

Neither Fertility Heaven, nor the intended parents will issue a 1099. Surrogates are not considered to be employees or independent contractors. We always recommend that you discuss this compensation with your tax accountant.

Why does receiving government assistance disqualify me?

Compensation you earn through surrogacy can make you ineligible for future assistance. We can explain your options during the screening process.

How do I explain surrogacy to my children?

Fertility Heaven understands that you might be thinking about how will I explain being a surrogate to my children.

How to tell your child will depend on their age.  If they are very young, you will need to explain it gradually and in words they can understand.  

For example you can tell a very young child that you are babysitting the baby until the baby is born and the baby will have a wonderful new home and family when its born.

During your psychological evaluation with us, the psychologist may be able to provide guidance in how to tell your children.  In addition, there are great books you can purchase.  We recommend the following:



How do I cope with my surrogacy at work?

You might be thinking of how do I communicate my surrogacy with my boss and co-workers.  The most important thing to remember is that it is no one’s business but your own and the intended parents. You can share as many details as you want or none at all.

First of all you should consider telling them after 20 weeks.  By then you are half way through your pregnancy.

Sharing with co-workers

This really depends on the relationship you have with them.  You can share as little as you want or it will be an opportunity to spread awareness on surrogacy and infertility.

If they ask questions that are uncomfortable, you can say that your contract does not allow you to divulge specific details.

It’s important to remember that surrogacy has become a normal way for infertile couples to have a family.  Many people known about gestational surrogacy and may even have a family member or friend that needed fertility treatment or had a baby via egg donation, surrogacy or both.


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