Become a Surrogate

Become A Surrogate

Make someone’s dream of having a family a reality. Your desire to become a gestational surrogate will help a family have a child and will benefit your family financially. We seek responsible, caring and healthy surrogates from all over the country who have given birth to at least one child. We want to hear from you to answer all the questions you may have.

Fertility Heaven’s goal is to help you have a successful journey by providing you with step by step guidance and providing all the resources you need during your surrogacy.

“A family’s dream can come true with your help.”

Our Program

Join Our Special Program of Surrogates, whether you are a Miami surrogate, Florida surrogate or out of state, we would love to have you join our gestational carrier program. Travel expenses are covered in advance for all surrogates traveling to Miami. This includes airfare, hotel, meals and local transportation.  A companion will be able to travel with you during the embryo transfer.

Gestational surrogates are an important group of women that are giving of themselves for an entire year for a family to have a bundle of joy. When you join our program you will have access to case management and be part of the Fertility Heaven surrogate sisterhood network group.

At Fertility Heaven, we welcome surrogate mothers from all backgrounds and from all over the United States. From Florida surrogates, California surrogates to Texas surrogates and everywhere in between, we work with special women who are changing lives one day at a time.

“Fertility Heaven was the right agency for me, I met the family more than once before I decided to be matched with them.”

About Our Intended Parents

We have intended parents waiting for you.  Our intended parents are married couples, single parents and same-sex couples. We let you decide who you would like to help.

 We have parents that are located in Florida, Texas, California and throughout the United States and international.  It does not mean you have to travel.  Most of the time their clinic is located near you.

Our intended parents are seeking special woman such as yourself to help their dream become a reality. Once an intended parents becomes interested in you, we arrange for them to meet with you to form a connection. The connection is important because you well be carrying their child.

During the pre-screen process we will work with you to make sure you understand the process step by step and what you should expect and the expectations of the intended parents.

If you would like to learn more about the parents we currently have available, give us a call at 305-772-3302.  Every month we spotlight the story of intended parents ready for matching.