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Whether you are married, live with a significant other or a single mom, it’s important to have the support of your family. We will answer the questions you and your family may have during your interview. Below are the most frequently asked questions by surrogates.


Surrogate compensation ranges between $35,000 and $55,000. For more information see the surrogate compensation page.

All medical expenses are paid by insurance provided by the intended parents.  You will also be provided with a per diem to attend doctor appointments to cover gas, tolls and parking.

It will most likely be related to having a complicated birth or the state you reside in.  In addition surrogates must be healthy and emotionally stable.

You can see our entire list of surrogate mother requirements here.

A surrogate must have income from employment or other means that are not through government assistance.  Compensation you earn through surrogacy can make you ineligible for future assistance.

No. You must have given birth and be raising at least one child. Our screening process involves the review of your prenatal and delivery records to ensure you have a history of healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries.

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