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Whether you are married, live with a significant other or a single mom, it’s important to have the support of your family. We will answer the questions you and your family may have during your interview. Below are the most frequently asked questions by surrogates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surrogate compensation ranges between $35,000 and $55,000 plus an additional $6000 to cover expenses. For more information see the surrogate compensation page.

All medical expenses are paid by insurance provided by the intended parents.  You will also be provided with a per diem to attend doctor appointments to cover gas, tolls and parking.

It will most likely be related to having a complicated birth or the state you reside in.  In addition surrogates must be healthy and emotionally stable.

You can see our entire list of surrogate mother requirements here.

A surrogate must have income from employment or other means that are not through government assistance.  Compensation you earn through surrogacy can make you ineligible for future assistance.

No. You must have given birth and be raising at least one child. Our screening process involves the review of your prenatal and delivery records to ensure you have a history of healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries.

The simple answer is yes.  You can still be a surrogate because this procedure involves an embryo being transferred into your uterus.  The embryo is not genetically related to you.

No, if you do not have medical insurance, it will be provided by the intended parents.

If you have insurance, check the explanation of benefits to see if it excludes surrogate pregnancies.  If your insurance is accepted you will be compensated additionally and your premiums covered.  If you do not have insurance you will be matched with parents that can cover purchasing insurance for you.

We only work with gestational surrogates.  This means gestational surrogates carry a baby that is not genetically related to them.

Yes, the fertility clinics will require that you pass a medical and psychological screening before you are accepted as a surrogate. You must provide a current pap smear, pregnancy and delivery records to be reviewed.

No, you can be single. If you are in a relationship or married, your partner will also have to pass medical screening.

No, you will not be using your own eggs.  Fertility Heaven only works gestational surrogacy.  The egg is from the intended mother or an egg donor.

Fertility medicine you will likely take either orally, vaginally or by injectible that will help you sync your cycle and prepare your uterus, are:

Birth control pills to sync your cycle with the provider of the ovum.

Estradio: A hormone to help your uterine lining thicken and get ready for implantation.

Progesterone: A hormone to help the embryo implant in your uterine wall.

Yes you can work or be a stay at home mom.

Yes expenses are covered. Expenses that are related to surrogacy are negotiated in your legal contract and will be covered. Items such as pregnancy clothes, travel, child-care and bed rest.

We deposit your fee and expenses into an escrow account with a licensed escrow agency. These funds are divided and dispersed monthly according to your legal contract.  You will be paid during treatment in addition to your 9 monthly installments.

This is a question for your accountant.  In the legal contract you fee is written as covering living expenses.

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