Your Journey!

Being a surrogate takes a very special person.

You are committing to carrying a baby for someone and giving of yourself for a year.

How do surrogates feel about carrying a baby for someone else?

This is a question surrogates often ask.  It is totally normal for you to care about the child you are carrying. That is one of the reasons we selected you as a surrogate because you are nurturing, caring and compassionate. We will provide you all the support necessary like connecting you to groups and provide you with access to a psychologist to speak with to help you work through those feelings.

To help cope with potential feelings of attachment, agencies require that the surrogate have a child of her own living at home. This helps the surrogate emotionally because she has her own family to love and care about.

Gestational surrogates understand that the child they are carrying is not biologically related to her and the child must be given back to the parents after birth. We are proud to say that all of our surrogates have been able to give the child to the waiting parents immediately after birth.

Do I Need a Surrogacy Escrow?

Whether you’re an intended parent or a gestational carrier, a surrogacy escrow account will be set up for you. A surrogacy escrow account is a separate company that holds your funds and disburses money to you monthly and pays the balance at the end of delivery.