Fertility Heaven Intended Terms of Service

The Fertility Heaven online service allows Intended Parents to view profiles anonymously of potential Egg Donors and surrogates who have listed themselves in the Fertility Heaven Database Third Party Reproductive Services. The information you view is confidential and not to be shared with individuals not involved in your Egg Donation selection process.

Fertility Heaven database

You understand that Fertility Heaven Egg Donor and Surrogate Database is an online place for you to find an Egg Donor or Surrogate who has posted her personal information except her name, address, email, etc, photos, videos, stories and other media items that you can review to determine if she is a good fit for you.

You can also ask Fertility Heaven staff to communicate with any egg donor for you or set up a phone meeting or skype should the donor agree. Some parents prefer Fertility Heaven to communicate with donors because they want to be completely anonymous.

Egg Donors and Surrogates posting a profile will meet with Fertility Heaven at our offices, via skype, hangout etc., as part of the application process and provide a copy of a government issued I.D. when matched. Egg Donors that do not agree to this process will be deleted from our site.

No Warranties

Fertility Heaven makes no warranties or representations about www.fertilityheaven.com or the contents within or any web site that it is linked to. The information provided is informational only and may not be accurate, complete or current. In no event shall Fertility Heaven or its employees, contractors or partners be liable for any damages including incidental, compensatory, consequential, punitive, direct, indirect, special, loss of use, loss of income or profit, loss of damage to property, claims of third parties or other losses of any kind, in connection with or arising out of the use of www.fertilityheaven.com or any web site in which it is linked.


You certify that the information you provide to Fertility Heaven now and in the future is accurate and truthfully reflects you in an accurate way. You certify that you are at least 19 years of age and able to understand the Terms of Use and are qualified to enter into this agreement.