surrogacy step by step

Meeting your surrogate

Fertility Heaven’s goal is to help you have a successful relationship with your gestational surrogate.  Prior to you selecting your surrogate, we will arrange for you to meet with her as many times as necessary.  This is part of our process to make you feel comfortable with your decision.

Is surrogacy legal everywhere?

We always recommend to intended parents to pick a surrogacy friendly state . When working with a surrogate mother it is important to consider the state she is in.

The best states for surrogacy are Florida, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, Colorado, Delaware, Oregon, Arkansas, Tennessee, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, Virginia, Washington.

We will guide you through this process and connect you with a lawyer who is a third party reproduction expert.

Will I meet the surrogate before matching with her?

If you are interested in meeting a surrogate, we will schedule an office visit or virtual meeting if you are located out of state or internationally. This meeting is for the purpose of you and the surrogate getting to know each other.

What is the cost of surrogacy?

The average cost of gestational surrogacy ranges between $100,000 and $120,000. The cost may vary depending on the number of cycle attempts, surrogate compensation and expenses, singleton or twin pregnancy, and medical insurance. California surrogates have a higher price range.

What is included in your matching service?

Our package includes the following services:  Matching, Cycle Management, Case Management and Rematching of a Surrogate.


If the surrogate miscarries or something happens to the baby, do we still pay the surrogate payments?

You only reimburse the surrogate for her time while she is pregnant. If you wish to proceed with an additional transfer there are some monthly payments that will still be required to be paid. For example; insurance premiums, the surrogates’ monthly allowance, etc.

Does insurance cover surrogacy costs related to maternity coverage and delivery for my surrogate?

There are many specifics associated with each individual or group plan. Therefore, we enlist specialists in the insurance field to review each policy as part of the pre-screening and will determine if your plan will cover any costs. You have to plan that you will probably have to purchase medical insurance for the surrogate. The only plan with zero risk is the Lloyd’s of London private surrogate policy.

Another option is to purchase medical insurance during open enrollment for the surrogate which is from November 1 to December 15th. Open enrollment varies from state to state so you will need to verify when it is available for your state. If you are matching during this time, you will be able to save money with affordable medical insurance by purchasing an individual plan for the surrogate if she does not have surrogate friendly insurance.

How long does the surrogacy process take?

The surrogacy process can take an average of over 12 months. Every intended parents timeline can be different. You can expedite the experience by working with a reputable fertility clinic and lawyer.

What is the screening process for surrogate carriers?

The Fertility Heaven screening process for surrogates includes clearance from her ob/gyn, her delivery records, a current pap smear, a criminal background check to include her spouse and a home visit.

Once she is matched with you, the medical screening with your fertility clinic will start with clearing her to be a surrogate.

When the clinic advises us that she is cleared, the psychological and legal agreement process will start.

The final step will be starting treatment and embryo transfer.

Will the surrogate keep my baby?

We understand that intended parents are worried about the surrogate keeping their baby. However, the surrogates have the same concern, that the intended parents will leave them with the baby. Surrogates have their own children they are raising. Her goal is to help you have your own child.

Surrogates become surrogates because they want to help a family and it is easy for them to carry a pregnancy. In addition, the financial aspect is appealing to the surrogate.

What if the surrogate cancels the match?


We will rematch you at no additional agency cost however you will have to cover the costs of the medical evaluation, psychologist and legal for the new surrogate.

The time to rematch you may be immediate or may take longer. Depending on your criteria for matching, it can take up to 4 months or longer for rematching.  

What if I terminate the match after I have accepted?

If you decide to terminate your match with the surrogate after your surrogate is pending approval or has been approved by your doctor or did not pass the medical, you may elect to be rematched with a new surrogate at no additional agency cost. However, rematching may be immediate or may take time to replace your surrogate.  It depends on your criteria among other factors. It will be important to remain patient during this time as replacing a surrogate is a delicate process with many layers and can be stressful.

Can I go to doctor appointments with the surrogate?

Yes you can. You can go to as many appointments as you are able to. If you can not attend an appointment, you can attend virtually and have the same experience.

What happens during delivery?

You will be able to be in the delivery room with the surrogate and cut the umbilical cord of your baby.

The baby will be able to stay in the hospital room with you and you will be able to take the baby home when the baby is released.

How does parentage work?

We will recommend attorneys that will be able to provide guidance at every step of your surrogacy journey to ensure all the paperwork is in order so that your parental rights to your baby are properly established.